Tony's Engineering Perth. Excavator buckets, backhoe buckets, loader buckets, face shovel buckets, wearplate, GET.

Buckets for Excavators, Backhoes, Loaders and Face Shovels.

Tony's Engineering can build, refurbish and repair all types of bucket including:

  • Loader buckets
  • Backhoe buckets
  • Excavator buckets
  • Face shovel buckets
  • Underground bucket rebuilds

We also have the capability to design and build specialist buckets to suit client applications.

Tony's Engineering is a leading company in all aspects of bucket design, building, remodelling and repair.





excavator bucket excavator bucket
excavator bucket loader bucket
face shovel bucket excavator bucket
Tony's Engineering: Perth, Western Australia - loader, backhoe, excavator, face shovel and underground buckets, GET packages.
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